Here at Allens Auto Repair we value our employees and know that when we treat our employees well they will treat us and our customers well in exchange. We encourage good relationships between tech and customer so that our customers can be confident they are getting our tech's very best every time. We hope by being fair and honest with our employees and our customers we can build business based on trust and respect that will continue to grow for years to come.

Adam and Brandy Allen

We own this business together as husband and wife. We are dedicated to making our shop the best and most efficient around. We want our customers to know if they bring their car to us they will get fast reliable and friendly service. We hope to be able instill trust in our customers and to help our community by offer quality above average paying local jobs and hopefully bring prosperity to ourselves and our employees.    

No Office Staff at this time.

Mike Henson

Mike is our lead tech. He is dedicated to providing the best work he possibly can for our customers. He enjoys time with his wife and 5 daughters.